Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rehoboth Children's Home Christmas Party

We spent Wednesday celebrating with a Christmas party at Rehoboth Children's Home. We brought pizza, games, a pinata, toys to be given to the children on Christmas morning, school supplies, more vitamins, shirts made by AL students and new child sponsor information with us. AAB also wants to contribute financially to help support these children and we were blessed to be able to give our first financial contribution to Rehoboth last week.
Many of these pictures are of Noe (a 5 year old child that lost his mother to AIDS), Betsy (a 9 year old little girl that spent much of her earlier life in very dangerous situations) and Antoni (a precious child that arrived at Rehoboth suffering extreme malnourishment that he is still fighting through). These just happen to be the children that love to see themselves in photos and want nothing more than to sit on your lap and play all day with you. I so wish we would have gotten more pictures of the older children during this trip, but they were busy playing soccer and football with T. most of the day.


We weren't able to paint exactly what the older boys requested on their arms, so they decided to show us how to do it.

These kids have amazing imaginations and we got some pretty difficult requests for face painting. Butterflies are easy, though. So much fun!

Rehoboth Children's Home

Pinata chaos

Lots of pictures of Betsy coming up...she LOVES the camera.


Moises - such an artist. He is going to enjoy the art project in April. While painting a cross on Moises' arm, I could see a glimpse into his horrific past and my eyes filled with tears as my heart broke for him again. What a blessing this place is for all of the children that have lived through things that no one should ever live through.

Wesler arrived at Rehoboth abused beyond recognition. I am so happy that he is safe with the Barbella's.

More Noe. He is the biggest sweetheart.

Engler won both games and was so excited about his prizes.

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