Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shoes, Socks and Bible Story Books

Writing about this trip is proving to be a little more difficult than usual. I'm not sure if it is because of the exhaustion, both physical and emotional, that came along with it and that is still holding on or if it is because this trip ended up being the complete opposite of what I expected and I can't even begin to think of the words to describe it. This was one of those trial and error trips, as I think all "first" trips are...this being our first large scale distribution trip. Many lessons were learned and I, personally, was wrecked by a number of things that took place during our time last week. You know that I will write about it eventually, but for now I just want to share pictures from the trip starting with our first day in Pueblo Nuevo.

Our first day in Guatemala was spent shopping for supplies, organizing and meeting with Marco and Leddy. We did not go to Pueblo Nuevo until the next day, Tuesday. That day we did what we will do every trip as we try to get to know everyone...we visited families. During that time we distributed tickets that would be used to pick up food bags later in the week. Families with children in the children's ministry received tickets along with families that are not Christians and even some families that are known to practice witchcraft. We also used that time to distribute more vitamins. That afternoon we distributed shoes, socks and Jesus Story books to hundreds of children.

Setting out to visit families and to give information about food bags being distributed later in the week.

Lesson #564 learned this trip: When we move to Pueblo Nuevo, we will be dealing with a rodent problem.

A sweetie waiting for the perfect pair of shoes for her tiny feet.

Way out of order. This was only the beginning of the shoe line. Even more people squeezed into the alley soon after and lined up down the street outside the alley as they waited.

Unpacking the first box of shoes.

(*Thanks to Carolyn for taking so many pictures and allowing me to use them. Pictures with dates on them throughout this trip were taken by her.)

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