Thursday, February 5, 2009

Time is Running Out!

Tomorrow is the last day of our cookbook sale. If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, PLEASE do it today! The cookbooks are $15 each, including shipping, and contain about 250 recipes submitted by adoptive families and adoption supporters. There is an entire section containing authentic Guatemalan recipes (created specifically with my Guatemama peeps in mind because I know we’re always looking for authentic recipes from our children’s birth country). $15.…that’s it….can you spare it? $15 to help us cover ALL the fees that have to be paid in order to apply for our 501(c) status….$15 to help us purchase food for orphans and families during our trip to Guatemala in June….just $15 to start changing lives! Please, order today. Order several for your family and friends. Stock up on a few extras to give as birthday gifts throughout the year and for Christmas. If you’re a family that has been blessed by the miracle of adoption, by one for that special friend or family member that supported you like no one else through your process as a “thank you”. THANK YOU for your support and for being the change!

To place your order, click on the Across All Borders button on the side bar, or click HERE.

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