Monday, February 2, 2009

Behind the Name

With all that is swirling around in my mind these days, I'm trying to soak in and remember all of the tiny details of how things are now, why certain decisions were made a couple of months ago and basically just all of the beginning of AAB so that when I've very 100...and still working around the world, I'll be able to look back at all of the small details and think, "Yeah...I remember that." instead of thinking, "Why did I do that?"

Choosing a name for the organization was challenging. Obviously, most of my ideas were good because they were already taken. Every time I'd think of something, I'd start looking to see if another organization was already using it and sure enough, someone else had come up with it first. For 2 weeks I thought about names and brain stormed with Danny...nothing. One day while Tommy and I were riding down the interstate, I popped in a SCC CD (of course...seriously...I DO love music other than SCC) and one of the songs that I had loved since it came out had a phrase in it that struck me. I didn't have a pen or paper handy, so I told myself that I would remember the phrase and research it when I got home. By the time we made it home, not only had I forgotten the phrase, but I'd also forgotten what CD was playing when I heard it. I didn't know who sang it, what genre it was...nothing. Great. The next day while Danny and I were traveling, I searched through every CD in the car to find THE song. Wouldn't you know that the CD I thought it wouldn't be on so I played it last was THE CD? Go figure! I still wasn't convinced until the song started and half way through...there was the phrase. That was it! ACROSS ALL BORDERS! I assumed it was already taken, but I wrote it down any way. That night I researched it and no other organization was operating under that name. THANK GOD!!

The song itself speaks volumes of what AAB is about, what we're doing and what is yet to come. I can't find a good video of it, but here are the lyrics. Now, I can't imagine AAB being named any thing else. So again, another huge thank you goes out to SCC. :)

"With One Voice"
by Steven Curtis Chapman

We come together with a holy purpose.
We come together for the highest cause.
We speak one language from a heart of worship;
Gathered to bring the song to the world
For your glory

With one voice
We will sing
Every tribe and every tongue
Raise a harmony
With one voice
We will bring
Heaven's beautiful melody
Down to this earth
As we sing to our king
With one voice.

Oceans divide us, but we sing together
Now what defines us, is our love of You.
From every nation and ACROSS ALL BORDERS
Gathered to bring the song to the world
For your glory.

....and it goes on, but you get the point. That's how our name was case you wanted to know a little history of AAB that isn't even really history yet. ;)

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