Sunday, February 8, 2009


The Across All Borders cookbook fundraiser was a huge success! In 2 weeks, 300 cookbooks were sold!!! Thank you to everyone that contributed recipes, that sold books for us, to those that helped spread the news on their blogs, facebook, by email and to their family and friends and to each person that purchased one or more cookbooks! The books will be ordered tomorrow morning and will be here by the end of Feb. or early March.

By request, I'm ordering additional cookbooks, so the sale continues until the extras are gone. I'm only ordering 60 extra books (already down to only 57 remaining) and once they're gone, they're gone. If you planned to order one, but forgot or if you'd like to order another one, please order now because I don't know if there will be any left once they come in. You can still place an order and pay online, as well as by mail.

Honestly, this fundraiser became bigger than I thought it would. As a brand new organization, we had no way of knowing how much support we would get from the start. I was afraid that we wouldn't even reach the cookbook company's minimum order of 100 books. My hope was to reach 200, though I was certain we would not get to that number. When we reached 100, I was THRILLED. When we reached 200, I was overwhelmed. As I visited blogs and saw people writing about us, my heart was full of joy. Several days, when so many wrote about us on Facebook, I was reduced to tears. Your support, encouragement, love and especially prayers for us, Across All Borders and our mission means more to us than you will ever know. AAB means nothing without YOU. We cannot do this alone. We cannot do this without YOU. Our prayers are being answered at an unbelievable pace. God is moving and AAB is quickly becoming what it is supposed to be. And it is happening because of YOU! We cannot thank you enough for the support you're giving and we thank you even more on behalf of the orphans and families living in Guatemala and beyond. We pray that the Lord will bless you as much as you are blessing the people of Guatemala.

This is only the beginning. In the next week, we will be updating the list of items we need to bring with us to Guatemala in June and listing more information about our October and December trips (get ready....starting next week, you'll be able to begin signing up...and we may be adding an additional trip for 2009). New fundraisers are in the works and we're close to committing to possibly 2 orphanages that are in great need in Guatemala. This is only the beginning, but what an amazing beginning it is!

By the way, the photo above is a picture I took during my time in Antigua and is being used as the cookbook cover.


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How AWESOME! I am looking forward to getting my copy:-)