Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wrapped Up

So, yesterday there was an earthquake in Virginia and Colorado. Am I the only one that was sick of hearing about it within 5 minutes after the one in VA happened? No one was killed. I haven't even heard reports of injuries. But the media spent the rest of the day talking about it and I woke up to even more coverage of it this morning. Between that, hearing non-stop about Gadhafi and STILL hearing about Casey Anthony, I'm just a little sick of what is deemed newsworthy in this country.

An earthquake that did little more than shake things up. What I want to tell people is to get an earthquake app and see how many earthquakes occur around the world every day. You would be surprised and this would end up seeming like no big deal. I won't touch the Gadhafi topic, but waking up to more news about Casey Anthony sent me reeling.

We are a country wrapped up in the wrong things.

Do you want to know what I think would have been newsworthy yesterday? It isn't as if I have never said it before, but since the news refuses to cover it on an ongoing basis I guess it's left up to advocates to keep shouting from the roof tops.

22,000 children alone died yesterday from poverty related issues...things like hunger and easily preventable diseases and illnesses. That is the equivalent to one every four seconds. Fifteen every minute. In 2010 there were 925 MILLION hungry people in the world. And the number is increasing, not decreasing.

That is what I call important, but I guess the media giants don't think it is glamorous enough or exciting enough to talk about it every day, probably because most people really do not care to think about it. It's just too big of a problem. If you can't fix it, just ignore it, right?

I do not deal well with the whole ignorance is bliss thing. In the 12 seconds that shook part of the U.S. yesterday afternoon, 48 children died. What is more sad than their deaths is the fact that every one of them probably could have been prevented.

If only we weren't so wrapped up in ourselves...

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