Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's Happening Now?

We're getting ready for a mission trip, of course, and I am counting the days until I am back in Guatemala. Literally. 53 days to go. We will be in Guatemala October 10 - 15.

I know, I know...I say it every time. "This trip is going to be awesome!" Every time I get back, "The trip was incredible!" And I mean it. Every single time. So of course I have to say it again.

This trip is going to be incredibly awesome!! I cannot wait to serve the people that we love so much in Pueblo Nuevo with the team that is traveling from our church and because of the size of the team we will be able to accomplish so much while we are there.

So what are we going to do?

Distribute water filters. Lead children's ministry. Host a village wide party (fun & games for the kids, dinner for everyone in the village and presenting the message of Christ). Something super special just for the women in the village (more about that a little later...maybe even after the trip). Minister to families. Love our sweet friends in Guatemala. Behind the scenes I will be working on some possible job opportunities for women in Pueblo Nuevo and need to figure out some health care issues and talking to parents to figure out how we can better help them so they will allow their children to attend school. Basically, what we've done all along and what we continue to believe has to be done in order to get anything accomplished in the long run. Meeting basic physical needs (clean water!); meeting emotional needs (just loving), working with our ministry partners and families on long term solutions to alleviate poverty and above all sharing the love of Jesus with those that already know Him and those that do not.

Do you want to be a part of this even if you can't physically be there with us?

We need more water filters. No, we do not need them...families in Guatemala need them. We ask for your help on their behalf. Each filter costs $50 and provides an entire family with clean water. 10 gallons of clean water every day. Will you consider sponsoring one? Two? More? If you cannot sponsor a whole filter, will you consider contributing $25, $10, even $5 for one?

You can donate via PayPal on the sidebar or on our website. If you would like your donation to be used specifically for water filters, please indicate that during checkout.

Thank you for your support! We cannot wait to share this trip with you.

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