Monday, May 16, 2011

Christian Alliance for Orphans - Summit VII

The Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit was held last week in Louisville, KY and I was blown away by it. I attended the Summit a couple of years ago and while I was also moved beyond words then, this one was much different and there will be an explosion of blog posts about it here because I just cannot keep to myself some of the things that truly shook me to the core. This year was different for me because it seemed much broader. In addition to adoption and orphan care, there was a great deal of focus on orphan prevention through poverty alleviation and you know that that thrilled me. Great connections were made, I finally met people that I've been talking to through email and by phone for years, learned a lot that will be beneficial to the ministry of AAB and was refreshed through the renewing of passion for the fatherless.

The first day of the Summit, in the opening general session, I knew it was going to be good.

"What started as pity has now become compassion," was one of the first things said during the opening prayer.

Oh how true that is and thank you, Lord, for changing our hearts so that we no longer pity the poor, the orphan, but have true compassion instead.

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