Friday, April 22, 2011

The Cross

Wondering what the call was about, I stepped outside during Bible study last night to find out. I have to admit that occasionally, or more often than that, when my phone rings and that familiar number reveals the caller I this good news or bad? I listened and responded through all that needed to be said and then heard the sweetest news. With squeals of delight I said adios and hung up the phone. Barely able to contain my happiness, I ran inside and shared the awesome news.

More people in Pueblo Nuevo, some of the men that have been working on Carmen's rebuild, have accepted Jesus as their Savior.

Some may wonder if this is really a big deal or why it is such a big deal to me. It's not like some revival was taking place and thousands came to Christ in a night. You can't even compare it to December 2009 when so many children in Pueblo Nuevo made the same decision. People accept Him all the time and I do not even hear about every one in Pueblo Nuevo. But every one matters. It matters to me. More importantly, it matters to Him. And because of that I will rejoice every time I hear of one or two, a hundred or a thousand.

More than 2000 years ago as Jesus was mocked, spit on and tortured, both physically and emotionally, as the nails pierced His flesh and blood poured from His body, as the cross was lifted and He looked out to see those that had crucified Him and those that loved Him, He had something on His mind.

It wasn't meant only for the Jews and Gentiles of His day, that generation or the few that would follow.

His final breath, "It is finished..." was meant for all that had been and would come. The gift of His sacrifice was meant to be taken personally. Because it was for all of us.

It was for you.

It was for me.

It was for a couple of men that live in a small village in Guatemala.

May we all remember today that the price that was paid for us so long ago was one we never could have paid for ourselves and may we each take it so personally that we have no option but to share it with others.

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