Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Photo taken by Dana S. - Oct. 2009

This trip is passing so quickly. We left Pueblo Nuevo this afternoon and will not return again during this trip. Much of what we hoped to accomplish in this short amount of time was; much was not. This isn't easy. I knew it wouldn't be. I will continue to say that there is no quick fix for poverty. But it doesn't matter how hard it is. We are here not to solve the world's problems, find solutions for every issue or to eliminate poverty overnight. We are here because we are followers of a God that already knows the outcome and I am trusting that His way is the perfect way.

As I was on the roof of our hotel yesterday morning spending time just being still, a thought came to mind and I was so overwhelmed by it.

"This place feels like nourishment for my spirit. The sight of Agua (volcano) is like water for my soul. And unlike any where else I have ever been, I feel like I can breathe easier here. Each breath is deeper and more refreshing than the last."

This isn't about how I feel about being here, but I have never been more certain about the path that I am walking. I am so in love with a community of people that until last year I never knew existed. As we drove away tonight, I realized that this love is too powerful to be from me. Only He could grow a love this intense in me. As always, leaving Guatemala in a few days is going to be one of the hardest things for me to do.

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Elysia said...

Hello! This may sound crazy, but I was on the airplane with you a couple of weeks ago when we were all on our way to Guatemala. Yes, that awesome plane that had to turn around, I got sick! I bet that refreshes your memory :) Anyway, like I always do I am missing Guatemala so much! I got to thinking of your organization tonight and googled you. I can't believe I remembered your name! Across All Borders! Anyway, I am following your blog now and love what you are doing in Guatemala! I have such a love for the people there, and I see you do too! I will be praying for you and keeping up with your work! You never know maybe we will be on the same plane again one day!!!