Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pueblo Nuevo - Christmas Food Baskets and Community Feeding Program

As I have mentioned before, many children throughout Guatemala are severely malnourished and that includes many of the children living in Pueblo Nuevo. We know that most of the children in Pueblo Nuevo eat only 2 or 3 actual meals a week. If they eat in between those meals, their food consists of tortillas and an occasional serving of beans. I have personally seen children eat a couple of pieces of candy in place of meals simply because a piece of candy is much cheaper than a meal. We all know that there is not a lack of food in Guatemala...that isn't the problem. The problem is that people cannot afford to feed their children what will keep them healthy and are forced to feed them whatever they can which is rarely what they need.

The need for nutritious food in Pueblo Nuevo is as great as every other area of Guatemala. We know the need exists and believe that meeting this need in as many families as possible must be a priority.

To launch this long-term community program, we will be distributing Christmas food baskets to families living in Pueblo Nuevo in December. Each basket costs $25. Included in each basket is a variety of well-balanced ingredients to provide meals for a family of 6 and necessary items to make tamales for Christmas Eve. Each child pictured below and their families are in desperate need of this gift. Please prayerfully consider providing them with food this Christmas season by clicking the 'buy now' button at the top of the side bar. If you would like, you may indicate the name of the child and his/her sponsorship number during check out that you want to provide a basket for. If no number is listed, AAB will select a family on your behalf.

After we receive your food basket donation, you will receive an email asking if you would like to consider monthly sponsorship of the family you are providing a basket for. Feel free to make this a one time gift, but we ask that you consider sponsoring a family for $25 a month. Through monthly sponsorships in 2010, you will provide children of Pueblo Nuevo and their families with more consistent well-balanced meals. You will also be a part of our 'chicken program' as we begin organizing and carrying out the distribution of chickens and feed to families that want to be involved with the program and are able to care for chickens. This program, as part of the community feeding program, will provide a source of protein to all family members through the eggs that are produced and meat as well as provide supplemental income for families that are able to sell eggs. Through this sponsorship program you will receive photos of the family you sponsor and updates about them several times a year as well as a Christmas card from the family (beginning Christmas 2010). If you become a monthly sponsor, you will receive a sponsorship package with more information about your family in the days following Christmas.

The children below are just a few faces in the sea of faces that we will see when we return to Guatemala in a few weeks. Many other children and families in Pueblo Nuevo are in need of food baskets and we are working to obtain sponsors for as many baskets as possible. The number of families in need of sponsors continues to grow and as families are sponsored, we will continue to add others. If one of these faces grabs your heart, please do not ignore it.

(Please excuse the layout of photos...Blogger doesn't want to cooperate tonight. All names and ages of the children are listed to the right of their photo.)

Astrid, age 15

Marcos, age 10

Angel, age 6


Yenifer, age 10


Jaquelin, age 8

Maria, age 10

Doris, age 8

Keny, age 10

Jesenia, age 9

Yoni, age 10

Samuel, age 10

Rutman, age 7

Carolina, age 10

Lucila, age 12


Jairo, age 10

Edy, age 10



Paola, age 11


Wuendy, age 9

Julio, age 7

Nancy, age 8

Mildre, age 8

Oscar, age 9

Oswaldo, age 11

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