Friday, November 20, 2009

Children in Pueblo Nuevo to Receive "The Jesus Story"

I had the privilege this morning of meeting and spending a little time with Don Hammatt, author of The Jesus Story and Jesus in Me and left our meeting with 300 Spanish books containing both The Jesus Story and Jesus in Me to be distributed to children in Pueblo Nuevo in a few weeks.

Don also created DVDs of the books (The Jesus story is available on their website...Jesus in Me will be available soon) that I was able to watch during our time together. During one of the movies I couldn't help but think of what it will be like to distribute these books and how my learning about Don's books was perfectly orchestrated.

Since early this year I have been looking for an inexpensive source for Spanish children's Bibles. During our June trip, we noticed that only one child in the children's ministry has a Bible. It was obvious that some of the other children also longed for a Bible. That led me to search even harder when we returned to the U.S., but finding affordable Spanish Bibles (or at least affordable to us in the large quantity we would have to purchase) was difficult and by September I was giving up on the thought of being able to distribute Bibles during the December trip. Key words...I was giving up.

God wasn't.

During a chat with our Bible study leader, he mentioned a children's book that was also printed in Spanish that his mission team was taking on a mission trip to Puerto Rico. He brought one to church the next week to show us. PERFECT!! It wasn't an actual Bible, but it was the perfect book for children...2 stories in 1, easy to get them to Guatemala in bulk and only $1 each! We heard that the author lives in Baton Rouge and his daughter goes to our church. And so began my excitement (again) about being able to not only share the love of Christ with the children (and their parent(s)) in a number of ways while we are IN Guatemala, but also being able to leave them with these books that have helped lead so many children to Christ around the world.

Thanks to all that have contributed to the purchase of these books! If you would like to purchase one of these books for a child in Guatemala, you may do so by clicking "donate" on the side bar and contributing just $1.

To learn more about these books or to purchase them or the DVD in English or Spanish, please visit their website HERE.

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