Monday, March 2, 2009

"You are my baby. I am your mommy." by Kimberly Leclercq

I am pleased to announce that Kimberly Leclercq, author of "You are my baby. I am your mommy." has graciously decided to donate 20% of her proceeds to Across All Borders. From her website.....

"You are my baby, I am your mommy is a vibrantly illustrated children's book for any woman who has experienced excitement and hope mixed with heartache and challenges on the long road to becoming a mommy.
Explore the many questions that run through a woman's mind about how her child would come into her life and what characteristics that child may have.
Without having the answers to the many difficult questions and whether adopted or biological, she always knew of one real truth—this child is her own.
The simplicity of bright illustrations captures children's attention as the powerful words hold much truth and meaning in every mother's heart."

Kimberly adopted her son from Guatemala and is in the process of adopting a child from Ethiopia. To purchase Kimberly's book, click here to visit her website.

We are thankful for MJennings Designs and for Kimberly . Having generous sponsors like them means a great deal to us.

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