Monday, February 16, 2009


During our June trip, we will be distributing supplies to the families and children living in Pastores, Pueblo Nuevo, Guatemala and to at least one orphanage, possibly two. Each of these areas are in great need of even basic supplies and necessities. Fortunately, we have enough people traveling with us in June that we will be able to bring down all of the supplies then.

We are in need of your help! Will you look over these lists and let us know if you can help in any way. Whether you can send just 1 bottle of shampoo or can organize a supply drive in your community, at your school, at your job or at your church…every item contributed helps someone in Guatemala.

I am also including items that we are collecting for our October and December trips. More items will be added later…this is just the beginning of the lists for those trips, but if you’re planning on doing a spring cleaning of your child’s room soon, remember that we can use every new or like new toy, shoes and socks that you no longer need or want for our Christmas distribution in Guatemala.

All items (for the June trip) need to be received no later than June 1, 2009. You can mail your supplies to:

Across All Borders
P.O. Box 14086
Baton Rouge, LA 70898

We are asking each person that sends items to include a small monetary donation to help us get the items to Guatemala. It is going to cost a lot to bring all of these things down. Because we have enough people traveling with us, it will not cost as much as shipping them down beforehand, but it will still be a large amount of money. We are not requiring this and certainly understand if you only want to donate items and not include help for extra and overweight luggage fees, but if you could include $1, $5, $10, $20 or whatever amount you are able, we will be incredibly grateful!

Please include your name and email address on a note in the shipment so we can let you know when we receive it. If you have any questions, email me at Feel free to email or comment here if you plan to send items. We would love to hear from you and to excitedly await the arrival of your donations.

Items Needed for June:

Tylenol (adult, children’s, infant)
Ibuprofen (adult, children’s infant)
Pepto-Bismol (chewable tablets)
Immodium AD
Adult cold medicine (in pill form)
Alcohol Pads
Hand Sanitizer (small, personal sized bottles)
Sanitary Napkins
Toothpaste (adult, children’s, toddler)
Toothbrushes (adult, children’s, toddler)
Bar Soap
Lice Treatments
Children’s soap/shampoo (no tears)
Vitamins (adult, children’s infants)
Thermometers (forehead strips)
Parasite Treatments
Fingernail & Toenail Clippers (adult, infant)

Infant’s and Children’s socks
Men’s & Women’s socks (basic white)
Boy’s & Girl’s Underwear
Men’s & Women’s Underwear (basic white)
Infant’s and Children’s Shoes

(*Note - All clothing should be new or in like new condition. If sending used items, please wash each article and place like items together in Ziploc bags labeled with what is included, gender and size.)

Items Needed for October (collecting now in addition to June):

Non-toxic finger-paint
Non-toxic glue
Construction paper
Washable Markers
Colored Pencils
Art Canvases (variety of sizes)
Paint brushes
No. 2 pencils
(*Art/Craft items are needed for this trip because many of the children living in the orphanages will be involved that week with a variety of art projects that will benefit the orphanages.)

Items Need for December (collecting now in addition to June):

Infant’s and Children’s Shoes
Toys (any variety including stuffed animals, action figures, small cars/trucks/etc, baby dolls, etc….new or like new condition)
Christmas stockings
Men’s & Women’s socks (basic white)
Infant’s and Children’s socks
Boy’s & Girl’s underwear
Men’s & Women’s Underwear (basic white)
Soccer balls
Twin sized sheet sets
All items listed as June needs will also be needed in December

(*Note - All clothing should be new or in like new condition. If sending used items, please wash each article and place like items together in Ziploc bags labeled with what is included, gender and size.)

One more thing….you all were so helpful in spreading the word about our cookbook fundraiser. Would you help us spread the word about this, as well? You can use any of the above info that you want on blogs, Facebook, Myspace and any other outlets you have available to you. Thank you so much to those that I know will help with this!

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