Monday, January 19, 2009

Airplanes, Tamales and Chocolate

My son has been playing with his toy airplane all day. I think he knows that 5 MONTHS FROM TODAY, we'll be leaving for Guatemala. I know he's only almost 2, but still...just let me believe what I want to believe, ok?

My hope for 5 MONTHS FROM TOMORROW...that the tamale lady hasn't stopped selling her amazing gifts wrapped in banana leaves as I've heard my man at Chocotenango has. The news that Chocotenango is no more has had a serious impact on my days. Sweet Ishmael changed the way I felt about chocolate (just when I thought I couldn't love it anymore, he proved me wrong) and to know that I will never again taste one of his perfect mocha truffles or macadamia nut whateveryoucallits hurts...seriously. Please, tamale lady, don't let me down.

(Yes, I know my appetite for all Guatemalan food seems petty at the moment, but I'm hungry for it right now, so go easy on me.)


Bobbi said...

I thought about the trip yesterday as well!! So much excitement

I am bummed about this chocolate too.

Tera said...

You know, I will be so bummed if Chocotenango is closed. Jason was really looking forward to checking it out! God bless.

Cathy said...

a friend of mine sent this link to me to let me know that our beloved chocotenango had closed. so sad. we were regulars there while fostering at santa rosa, and ishmael always had a little treat for my older daughter. such a kind and gifted man.
on a totally different note, just wanted to say best wishes and good luck with all of the work you're doing for guatemala! i love how so many adoptive families have stepped into the breach left by the closing of adoptions in guate, trying to help those families and children who so desperately need help in some way. wishing you all the best -
cathy (ftc)