Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Submit Your Recipes

Our first fundraiser for the new organization will be an adoptive families cookbook. This is the only fundraiser we will do that requires selling something. This is basically just to get us started.

I'm asking adoptive families (ALL adoptive families, not just those with children from Guatemala) to submit a few of their favorite recipes to be included in the cookbook. I would also love to have a section of recipes that are authentic to our children's birth countries, so if you have a recipe from wherever you adopted from, please send that as well. Also, your family members and friends may also send recipes, so if your child's grandmother or aunt or whoever supports you wants to contribute, please feel free to ask them for a recipe.

Recipes need to be submitted no later than Dec 31st. You can email them to me at terry dot bracey at gmail dot com. The cookbooks will be ready to sell in the beginning of February. If you think you would like to help sell them, even if you think you may only be able to sell 1 or 2, please let me know. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

And yes, if you want to post this on your blog, feel free to.

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Michelle Smiles said...

If you visit my blog and look at the sidebar, you'll see categories. If you click on food, I've written up several recipes there. You are more than welcome to use any of them.