Thursday, April 7, 2011

I can't think of a title for this post because there is no way to sum up in a title what happened in Guatemala two weeks ago. I'm not sure if I can even sum it up in a blog post. Or two. Or three.

Here are the facts: We traveled to Guatemala a few weeks ago to distribute the first of many water filters, to work on some rebuilding from last year's mudslides and, as always, to do children's ministry. And that is what we physically did. But what happened during it all is what I cannot wrap up in a title or even one of my long winded blog posts.

Can I simply say that our time in Pueblo Nuevo was the most moving, most heart wrenching, most trust building, most loving, most incredible time in this village yet and have you understand what I mean? If I say that we have never felt more accepted, welcomed and loved there, would that make sense to those that have not experienced it? If I told you that I came back from Pueblo Nuevo even more in love with every single person there, from the friendliest of mothers to the homeless, drunk, witch that surely wants us to be cursed, would you believe me since I say that almost every time I return?

I so want those reading this to feel it and not just through my words on a computer screen. This has nothing to do with us. Of course I will write about and post pictures of the water filters and rebuilding projects and children's ministry, but there is so much more I wish others could see and feel beyond the physical side of a mission trip like this that you can only read about on a blog.

There is simply no way for me to describe the presence of God that is felt stronger with each step that you take up the side of a mountain into the uncertain and often times unknown. There is no way for me to describe how loud and clear the Holy Spirit speaks to remind us that THIS IS IT through the eyes of every child, through the smile of every mother, through the grasp of every hand. There is no way for me describe any of this, so for the first time I will not even try.

All I will say is that this trip began with high expectations and He far exceeded them. It ended with stronger, trusting relationships between us, our partners (Marco and Ledy) and many families in Pueblo Nuevo that until now have not been sure they should or could trust us. Every trip has been an incredible experience in some way and every trip's purpose has been served, but there was something about this trip that I will describe as being close to miraculous.

And even though that is the strangest ending to a blog post, that is where I have to end it because I have no other words to summarize this. Pictures and details will be posted soon...

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