Friday, October 1, 2010

Children's Day

Today is Children's Day in Guatemala and it is being celebrated in a big way in Pueblo Nuevo this weekend.

The Tulio's had the wonderful idea of throwing a huge party for everyone and asked if we would consider helping. In Marco's words, "We want to have a big party to bring a little joy to the children in Pueblo Nuevo. This year has been especially hard for many of them with the loss of parents and other family members and we just want them to know that we love them." Who could disagree with that? I would have loved to be with them to celebrate this weekend, but this was a wonderful opportunity to begin to show that we trust our partners in Guatemala by funding the party that they hoped to have while allowing them to carry it out on their own.

Of course, it also makes me happy to know that as many supplies as possible have been purchased from small business owners in Pueblo Nuevo and others in Parramos.

All of the children in the village are being fed breakfast (they are expecting no less than 500 children) and all of the children plus their families are being served lunch. After lunch, a number of activities will take place including crafts, games (with prizes), pinatas and entertaining clowns.

I will post an update about the party in a few days. In the meantime, please pray for the Tulio family as this will be a busy and exhausting weekend for them and that those that attend the party will feel the love of Christ and be open to the message that will be given during the event.

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