Monday, June 14, 2010

New Life & Peace Ministries

(Photo Source: New Life & Peace Ministries)

Across All Borders loves the mission of New Life & Peace Ministries. If you are even an occasional reader here you will know them by the name Rehoboth Children's Home. What most people do not know is that the children's home is one of multiple ministries directed by the Barbella's.

In addition to Rehoboth, New Life & Peace operates a church and two rehab facilities in two countries. Rehoboth has recently been blessed by a missionary that will be serving there for the next two years and one of the many things she will be doing is maintaining their blog. Please take a few minutes to visit their new blog, learn more about their ministries and become a follower.

I am so excited because unless plans change again at the last minute, which could be the case but I hope not, I will traveling to Guatemala next Friday and will be able to spend the afternoon at Rehoboth. I cannot wait to see the children, Chici and Victor and to finally meet Naomi in person, the missionary that has lived in Guatemala for a year and who's blog I have been following for that long.

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