Thursday, April 29, 2010

On Our Way

Not everyone knows this because I don't remember making a "public" announcement about it (though it is highly possible that I did and just can't remember), but we are leaving for Guatemala Sunday morning. Our spring trip was postponed when the focus of the trip changed.

I got the friendly reminder this morning that I had not posted prayer requests for this trip, so for those of you that continue to pray for us and those we are working with in Guatemala, we are specifically praying for...

  • Safe travel and safety while in-country.
  • Open hearts and minds on our part, for the families of Pueblo Nuevo and for the Tulio family as we discuss and make decisions on some important issues.
  • Our families that will not be traveling with us.

There are only two of us traveling this week. I won't go into detail about the purpose of the trip now, but I can't wait to share about it when we return. I will be traveling with our newest board member, Carolyn. Carolyn has been an incredible support since we announced the beginning of AAB and traveled as a team member on both the October and December trips. I am thrilled that she is returning for the third time this year to serve not only in Pueblo Nuevo, but as part of the AAB board.

For those praying, thank you!

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Praying with you and for you both.
I understand the magnitude of this trip and I pray for transparency and trust for all parties involved.