Monday, April 5, 2010

August 2010 Guatemala Mission Trip

We will be traveling to Guatemala August 21-28, 2010 and are currently seeking team members that can provide medical and/or dental care to adults and children, team members that are willing to assist in the repair of homes (patch roofs, replace boards, etc.) and team members to assist in VBS activities in the village of Pueblo Nuevo. Registration for this trip is now open. For more information or to register for this trip, please visit the Across All Borders website or email Terry at terry (at) acrossallborders (dot) org.

Both AAB founders will be in Guatemala and working with teams that week as well as working directly with families and community leaders to provide education about a possible microfinance program...a community based savings and credit association to promote saving and lending as a way to boost the local job market through job creation, provide for emergency medical situations and provide for other needs as the community sees fit. This program will benefit not only the families of Pueblo Nuevo, but also the community as a whole as we continue to work toward poverty alleviation as orphan prevention in this village. A great deal of work is being done to ensure that this is, indeed, the best way to approach microfinace in Pueblo Nuevo before jumping in to such an important program. Watch for more details as plans continue to unfold.

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