Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What We're Praying For

I made a promise today that I will stop being shocked when people call me before a mission trip just to ask what they should be praying for/about. It is so touching when my phone rings and a friend is on the other end just because she can't stop thinking about a trip she isn't even going on and wants to know what my thoughts are about it as the time to leave nears. OK...so I have an incredible circle of friends that I truly love. I do not deserve to have them in my life, but I am so thankful that they are here. And I promise....next trip, I will not sound surprised when any of you call to check in before I leave or to find out what you need to be praying for. In fact, if it makes you feel better, I will call YOU next time to fill you in on everything. Deal? :)

Four days until Guatemala. Hmmm....what I am I thinking?

I think that I can't believe the life I am living. I can't believe that this is my third trip to Guatemala this year and my second without Danny and Tommy. I am having a difficult time knowing that I have to leave them again and I think this is going to get harder each time I have to do it. Fortunately, I probably will not make another trip to Guate without them until August 2010 since they will both be with me on the spring trip. I am more fearful about this trip than I have been about any of the others for a number of reasons, though I hate to admit that out loud. But overall I am excited, as usual, and so ready to wrap every child in Pueblo Nuevo and at Rehoboth up in a hug. I dread having to leave them again. Each time will be harder than the last and last time was not at all pretty.

I guess since I've done this for the last two trips, I should continue on the "tradition". Our prayers vary so much from trip to trip. It's awesome to look back and see how He answered them. I am sure this trip will be no different.

We are praying....

-that the rest of our Medrano boxes will be delivered. Some of them have already arrived, but others are missing. They should have all arrived together last week. We need them to arrive by Sunday night so that there will not be any children left out of distributions that begin Monday morning.

-that we will continue to receive donations for food baskets because there can never be enough of this in a country that is experiencing a food crisis and when so many are malnourished.

-for our health and safety as we travel to Guatemala, throughout the week and as we return home on the 18th.

-that we will be able to accomplish all that needs to be done. We are a team of only 3 people. Unfortunately, the Istrouma college ministry was not able to establish a team. Because of the amount of items we have to distribute and the work that has to be done, we need to have a team of about 10 people. Do I believe that 3 people can accomplish this? Yes. Will it be difficult? Yes. But we are praying that this will be the beginning of some of the people of Pueblo Nuevo helping us help them.

-that the love of God will be evident to all and that those in the village that do not know Him may come to know Him.

-that our luggage arrives safely and with us Sunday afternoon. In addition to more toys, shoes and other supplies, I have 300 Spanish Bible story books packed that need to be distributed.

-that the hearts of the people living in Pueblo Nuevo will continue to be softened and that they will continue to welcome us, even though some are unsure of our motives and doubt our reasons for being there. We cannot move foward with some of the projects we know we are being called to do without the support of the majority of the village, so we pray that this trip will be successful in our earning the trust of more people there.

-that, as always, our hearts will be shattered because as long as His heart breaks for His children that are in need, so should ours. We are praying that when we return, we will have an even more energized passion and greater love than we have when we arrive.

-for our partners in Pueblo Nuevo, Marco and Leddy Tulio and at Rehoboth, Victor and Chici Barbella and for Forest and Carol Kendall with Servants 4 Him.

-for our spouses as they support us...that they would find comfort in knowing that the Lord is our greatest protection...and for our children as they miss their moms.

-personally...I injured my shoulder when I was fostering in Antigua and because I refused to spend long periods of time away from Tommy when he came home, I just lived with the pain. It has become unbearable and there is no doubt that surgery is in my near future, but again, I have put it off because I cannot be in a sling during a mission trip. I am praying that I can get through just one more trip...the most challenging trip (physically) without the major pain that I experience most days or causing any more damage.

Gosh....it always sounds like I am asking for so much, but there you have it. Thanks to everyone that is already praying and those that I know will be praying throughout the trip. We continue to be blessed by your prayers, support and encouragement. Much love!!

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