Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pueblo Nuevo Update

While we were in Guatemala, we were blessed to meet a missionary named Tonja and three daughters of other missionaries living in the area. We were introduced to each of them by Carol at Servants 4 Him. Our team was very small and we were in desperate need of help to pull off some of the distributions. Tonja and the three girls helped us with the distribution of shoes, socks and Bible story books as well as helped us at the Pueblo Nuevo Christmas party. We learned quickly that Tonja is an incredible woman and was such a voice of reason and reassurance to all of us that week.

During the Christmas party in Pueblo Nuevo, Tonja told us about a donation she had received and said that she had been praying about how it should be used. Even though she had not worked in Pueblo Nuevo before, she felt that the donation should be used to provide more food to families in the village. I was overwhelmed when she told me that she would be returning to Pueblo Nuevo with food for the families we love so much in the next couple of weeks.

The distribution happened yesterday. Ninety families received bags of food items. I am so thankful for Tonja, the three girls that returned to Pueblo Nuevo to help her and for the person that contributed financially trusting that it would be used for good.

Tonja also sent an update stating that since our last outreach, more than 20 people have joined the church, requiring Marco to have to expand the church area by pushing a wall back, leaving little room between the wall and the bathroom area. There was barely enough space before and I know that even with the expansion, the room is likely still overcrowded. This is awesome news and we are praising the Lord for the hearts He is touching there! Marco's latest prayer request is for chairs. It may sound so simple, but we all know that in Guatemala, even the simplest things are often hard to come by. At this point, they need more chairs, so that is one thing they are praying for. Now that we know about this new need, we will be providing chairs for the ministry right away.

We know what one of our main focuses needs to be in 2010 and we are praying for BIG things this year. Hopefully by the end of 2010, space and basic needs such as chairs, tables, etc. won't even be an issue for the church or the children's ministry.

Tonja - Thank you again for all you did to help us while we were in Guatemala, for following through with distributing food after we left and for having such a big heart for the people of Guatemala. Please also thank the girls for us. We are praying for you as you prepare to leave Guatemala and cannot wait to hear about how your ministry through Central and South America goes.

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