Monday, November 2, 2009

Flowers Spirit Award

My husband, Danny, would never write about this publicly, but since this isn't the blog he posts on (yet), I will write it for him because I am so proud of him.

Danny has been nominated by his co-workers to receive the L.S. Flowers Spirit Award because of his work performance, encouragement of others, the time and energy he spends on community service and in large part for what is going on at AAB. He won the Spirit Award at the regional level and will be receiving a monetary donation to AAB because of it. He now has the chance to be the overall recipient and receive company wide recognition along with another, larger donation to the charity of his choice (again, AAB).

I am so excited that he was even nominated for this award, let alone being honored at the regional level with the possibility of winning company wide.

Congratulations, Danny! We love you!

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