Saturday, November 28, 2009

All I Want for Christmas…

What could I possibly ask for this Christmas or any Christmas?  What could any of us ask for really?  We spend every day in warm homes.  We eat whenever we have the slightest twinge of hunger and sometimes when we aren’t hungry at all.  We fill our pet’s water bowls and our children’s bathtubs with clean water…worrying about what we will drink isn’t an issue because we can turn on a faucet and drink clean water.  Those of us that choose not to drink tap water drink bottled water without thinking twice.  We spend a fortune on our children’s clothing and shoes because we always think they need more.  Or maybe we just want to look like more because when our kids are all decked out in new clothes and everyone talks about how perfect they are, isn’t that really a reflection of us?  We talk about how “broke” we are as we sit around a restaurant table that will end with a $100 bill.  We talk on our cell phones and surf on our laptops.  We flip a switch and lights come on.  We claim to be “doers” and “givers” and we are…sometimes…and “sometimes” is good enough for us even though we know that we could and should “do” and “give” more.  We watch TV for hours and pray for minutes.  We thank God for our “blessings” and I wonder….what are we really thanking Him for when we say that?  Do we really feel blessed by the things that we have?  By the things that we do not need?  Or do we feel like we deserve them?

I have my moments of wanting….a new laptop, a new cell phone, new pearls with matching earrings, a bigger house, a new car, new furniture, a bigger TV, art, a watch to replace the one I broke years ago, another coat, more boots, more shoes in general, an ITunes gift card.  You name it and I could probably want it.  We all could, I think.  I am thankful, though, that my moments of wanting come less and less these days and now when someone asks what I want for Christmas, my answer of “nothing” is a lie.

What could I possibly want for Christmas?

I do not want another sweater that will sit in my closet, with the tags still on, until my next yard sale.  I do not want another CD to add to my already out of control collection.  I do not want any knick-knacks that will require me to dust, any gourmet treats that will tip the scale even more or any jewelry to make room for in my overflowing jewelry armoire.  There is nothing that I need outside of what I already have in a God that gives freely of His mercy and grace and that blesses me with every thing that a person needs. 

What I want is very simple.  I want those around me this Christmas to give….something….anything….to just one person outside of their immediate families and friends.  I want us all to bless someone else because we have been blessed.  I want us to give something to the undeserving because we are undeserving.  It doesn’t have to be through AAB, though you are welcome and we would love for you to help us feed a family, meet a child’s basic needs and help us spread God’s love to the children of Guatemala.  There are so many ways to bless others this Christmas and it is easy to do.  I doubt you will have sacrifice anything to do it, though it may take a little effort on your part.  Are you willing to take the time to give to someone in need instead of buying something for me that I do not even want?  There is one more thing that I want for Christmas.  I want those that love me to pray…really pray…for the children and families that we love so much in Guatemala and around the world.  I obviously will never know if my wish is granted, but I do not want you to just say you are praying and then never give them a second thought.  I want you to take a few minutes out of every day to pray for these kids, their families and all of the orphans in the world every day from now until Christmas (and every day after would be great). 

You can call me crazy.  You can believe that I really do want more than this and there is nothing that I can say to convince you that I have enough, that we have enough, that YOU have enough and need nothing else and that’s OK.  I know that gift giving is enjoyable and this is the season of giving.  But I am asking you to consider giving just a little differently this year.  Give to those that need in place of those that do not.  In return, you will be the one that is blessed.   

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