Sunday, October 4, 2009

Philadelphia Baptist Church

Philadelphia Baptist Church in Deville, LA recently collected three large boxes of supplies to be distributed in Guatemala during our next two trips, thanks to the organization of one family with big hearts for the children of Guatemala. When I say that these boxes were full supplies, I am not exaggerating. Toy, shoes, medical and hygiene items, school supplies, Bible story books and socks filled the boxes.

If you know me personally, you know that I get pretty excited about each box of supplies that arrives. Sometimes I get so excited that I can't stop smiling and laughing...other times I end up crying while looking through everything. Friday night happened to be one of the times I ended up in a puddle on the floor. Why? Because of tiny pairs of scissors. We are collecting so many different kinds of supplies that getting the exact number of our "goal" for each type of item is difficult. I knew collecting so many types of items would be hard, but decided to go through with it. Remember the sock situation? No, socks aren't absolute necessities, but we still wanted to be able to provide them. Thank GOD for the nearly 800 pairs of socks that we have received in the last week that are now packed and ready to arrive in Guatemala!

OK...back to the scissors. School supplies, in my opinion, are necessary. So many kids are unable to attend school in Guatemala and so often those that are able to attend do not have the supplies they need to further their education. Distributing school supplies in December, along with our distribution of shoes, socks, toys and most importantly food baskets and Spanish Bible story books, was something that I felt very strongly about. It wasn't looking good. Two weeks ago, school supplies started rolling in...crayons, pencils, markers, colored pencils, construction name it, we got it...except scissors. We have the pencil boxes that are being stuffed with pencils, erasers, etc. and we needed scissors to put in each box. I was getting ready to pack them without scissors. Sure enough, we now have an entire box of tiny animal scissors (seriously...these are the cutest scissors ever!) that will be added to each pencil box next week. Of course, I was a blubbering mess (at least I was home alone...Danny surely would have laughed at the sight of me crying into a box overflowing with scissors) when the thought came to mind, "How can anyone say that God doesn't care about the little things?" Yeah...I told you...I was a sight! :)

Thank you to Philadelphia Baptist Church and to the family that organized this drive for Guatemala!

**I want to quickly say that we are also incredibly grateful and blessed by each individual family that is sending supplies for Guatemala. I do not feel comfortable listing many names on a public blog which is why I only publicly thank groups that hold supply drives, but each individual that donates items means as much to us and the children of Guatemala as larger groups. THANK YOU!!**

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C said...

Terry, that is awesome! I do believe the small things are important to God. He has shown me many times just rely on him if we just will.