Friday, September 25, 2009

Family Gives Back on "Gotcha Day"

I am overwhelmed. Completely and totally overwhelmed.

Several weeks ago I received an email from a family saying that they were having a party to celebrate what they call their daughter's "Gotcha Day" and instead of having their family and friends bring gifts for their daughter, they asked them to bring items to be donated to Across All Borders instead.


I just received the shipment of 6 BOXES (!!) of children's OTC meds, toothbrushes & toothpaste, socks, shoes, crayons & construction paper galore, soap, baby shampoo and the list goes on.

A 3 year old said to her parents, "The children of Guatemala are going to be SO happy when they get all this stuff!" She is so right!

I am overwhelmed, not just by the amount of items that I am currently sorting through as I get ready to begin packing, but by the generosity that is being learned by so many children that have parents with such big hearts. It has always been my prayer that our children would begin learning, not only through what they hear us say, but by what they see us do. This family is teaching their daughter through acts like this and it sounds like she is already well on her way to understanding that giving truly is better than receiving.

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