Monday, August 24, 2009

And now....

...back to your regularly scheduled blog posts.

I have to admit that there were a couple of weeks during that breather when I wondered if I would ever be able to think of anything to blog about again. It's pretty hard to keep a blog running when you can't think of anything to say. But we're back and because we are bouncing off of the walls with excitement about our upcoming trip to Guatemala and because so much has been happening lately, I feel like I can actually start writing again.

Where should I begin? We have a lot of updates...this is going to be a doozy!

  1. Plans for the golf tournament are coming together wonderfully. AWESOME prizes have been donated, hole sponsors are increasing and teams of golfers are being confirmed. We are so excited (and a bit nervous, of course) about Sept. 18th!
  2. The night before the tournament, on Thursday, Sept. 17th, we will be announcing an online fundraiser that is HUGE. When I say huge, I do not mean anything else. Seriously, people....this is big!!! Stay do not want to miss this!
  3. Plans for the October trip are going so well that I'm a little speechless about it. Our team is incredible and I could not ask for a better group to travel with us. We will be working on numerous projects while in Guatemala, including the launch of a vitamin program in Pueblo Nuevo, along with de-worming children and adults. In addition to that, we will be working with our partners at Servants 4 Him to hold a dental and medical clinics AND be working with the children's ministry to just pour love and hope into the lives of the children there. As if that isn't enough, we will be working in an orphanage providing a medical and dental clinic while beginning to build relationships there. And of course, we will be distributing all of the supplies that are being sent by YOU!
  4. December's trip has turned into something we did not expect. Istrouma, our church here in Baton Rouge, is encouraging students in the college ministry to travel with us and interest in the trip so far has been great. Istrouma will also be providing assistance with other projects for that trip. We are humbled by the amount of support and love that our church family is giving to us and the people of Guatemala and I cannot wait to spend this time serving with them in December!
  5. We are still collecting supplies for the October and December trips. Shoes and toys are still needed by the beginning of October in order to ship them in time for Christmas and OTC meds, VITAMINS and school and art supplies are still needed for the October trip.
  6. In the next couple of weeks, dates for a spring and summer trip in 2010 will be announced. If you are interested in organizing a church group to travel with AAB, please email me at We are willing to work with groups at any time of the year and would love to reserve a week to lead your group on a mission trip to Guatemala.
  7. Beginning in November, we are available to speak to your groups (churches, small groups, Sunday school classes, civic groups, etc.) about the world's orphan crisis, orphan prevention and ways you can make a difference. We would also love to help you implement an orphan care ministry in your church. For more information, email Details will be posted in November.
  8. On a personal note, today we updated the blog that we used for our son's adoption from Guatemala. We will begin our next adoption in early 2010 and would love for you to join us on our journey as we go through the process to adopt a child from Ghana. You can follow our story at Adoption - The Real Truth.

I could actually go on with even more updates, but I will stop there for now. God's goodness is overflowing and we are in awe of all that He is doing in our lives and with AAB. This is an exciting time for us and while the children and families we are working with in Guatemala do not realize it yet, it is also an exciting time for them.

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