Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Disclaimer #001

I just read a blog that mentioned the word "tarantula" and "Antigua" in the same sentence. WHAT??? You must be kidding me! I killed plenty of spiders while in Guatemala, but seeing a tarantula would have sent me flying from the roof of our house. That is not something that I would have handled well.

So, for the sake of the lovely people traveling with AAB and FOR THE LOVE OF GUATEMALA I did a quick search on tarantulas in Antigua. Apparently, I've never put the two together in my thoughts until now. Just as I do not think I will ever see a tarantula crawling up my bedroom wall, I never thought that there was a possibility of seeing one in a house in Antigua. Wrong! From what I've read, it isn't common and it doesn't happen often, but there are, indeed, instances when the hairy little suckers make their way in to this quaint village-ish area of Guatemala.

That isn't to scare anyone, of course. I know how I handle spiders and I have seen how Amanda handles spiders, though I doubt either one of us would be jumping first to smack a tarantula with the shoes we would have to wear the next day. Bobbi? What about you? the weird case that one of us starts screaming like a girl (because we ARE girls!), come runnin' with all your bug killin' fury.

Ugh! I can't even stand the thought! I'm going to try to forget I ever read about this......and try to remember that I have never personally seen a tarantula in Guatemala. And really hoping that I never do. In fact, it would probably be best for us to never mention this again.

Seriously though....if that's what it takes....bring on the tarantulas! :)


Bobbi said...

I don't love spiders, but can handle them Tarantulas!!!! Thanks, now I won't sleep for a week:>)!!! I need to check with Joe on this one..

jajbs said...

I do NOT do spiders. remind me to tell you how i found out i am deathly afraid of them. the other night was only b/c that was a little one and my baby girl was on the floor.... really I. DON"T. Do. SPIDERS!!!!!!!!!!! i might have to reconsider.....