Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weaving Families Magazine

Our friends at Weaving Families Adoption Ministry have created a free online magazine that features encouraging and inspiring stories of adoption and individuals/organizations that are serving vulnerable children and families around the world. Included in this issue is an article I wrote describing how Across All Borders came to be and an ad for AAB. In a world where there may seem to be little hope for orphans, a peak inside the magazine reminds us that there is hope and that the Lord is waiting for each of us to open up our lives so that He may use us to care for His children. Please visit their site and help them spread the word about it. Click here to view the Weaving Families magazine.


Rebecca said...

Once again- Thank you for your tireless support of WF! Thank you for being an "open book" to encourage other families!
With JOY! Rebecca

Bobbi said...

I am checking it out now. Been trying to get to it all day