Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Lot of Not Much of Anything

Has it really been a week since I posted?

And has it really been a week since the Orphan Care Summit? Man....that was INCREDIBLE! It's still making me crazy! I can't even post about it again because the words just aren't there for me. So, what can I post about tonight?

Oh. I know. Maybe I could write about the fact that SIX WEEKS FROM TOMORROW, I'll be in GUATEMALA!!! How on EARTH did six months go to six weeks so quickly? And I thought the time was going to drag by. Kori - You're traveling in October....that will be here before you know it. Rebecca - You're traveling in December...7 months from's going to be here SO FAST. Bobbi and Amanda -WHAT? Is there a reason why I feel like only a month has passed since I first set the date? 6 weeks, girls. Wow! And what's this about Amanda? Yes, she and her family are traveling with us! I'm SO excited!! The more the merrier, right? So six adults and six kids will be FLIPPING OUT in a little over a month because we'll be on our way to Guatemala. I don't think I will be able to believe this until we get to Antigua and I walk up the stairs at the house we're staying at. Oh. My. Word! Do I sound insane? Yeah...that's probably because I am. I'm blaming it on my ever persistent lack of sleep.

So, I can't be excited without a little drama, right? I know some of you followed our adoption blog way back when and remember some of the stories about how we had paperwork problems at EVERY STAGE of our son's adoption. Well, we've got problems again. It seems that while processing his passport application, the Dept. of State has misplaced his original Certificate of Citizenship and his original adoption decree. Now, I will admit to being in a complete panic when I first found out that there was a problem and I've spent much of this week a nervous wreck while waiting for an officer to call me. I waited for nothing. Someone was supposed to call by today and no one ever did. So I'm taking a road trip to New Orleans tomorrow morning to try to meet with someone in the office. The thing is, you can't get an appointment unless you have proof that you're traveling within 2 weeks and they say they won't see you without an appointment. But I'm going anyway. And praying that someone will actually want to help me. And I'm not leaving until I see those 2 documents that we spent a long time waiting for. If I have to stand there and sing "Strong Tower" (that's what is playing in my head right could very well be Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star tomorrow) at the top of my lungs just to get on their nerves, I'll do it. Let's just hope that they don't call security because they think I'm really loopy. Because I'm not. I'm just sayin'.

Seriously, though...this whole paperwork thing is actually a big deal and I'm not taking it lightly which is why I'm going to the Dept. of State tomorrow without an appointment. We can get another CoC (not easily,but it's still possible), but if his original adoption decree is actually lost, that's a BIG problem because it's not easy to get another one and it may be next to impossible these days....I don't know. As upsetting as this is, I am very calm about this (today) and am praying with every thing in me that it is worked out soon. This is just another one of those bumps in the road on our way to Guatemala.....and I'm sure we have more bumps to hit before we get there....but I know without a's going to be OK and we will ALL be in Guatemala in 6 weeks.

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jajbs said...

WE CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still can't beleive we are going... but I guess YOU knew it all along, huh? It just took me and Jeff a little longer to "figure" it out? ;)

Praying for God's favor today... remember... opposition and we all know where and why it comes and what the answer is!!

love ya,