Friday, April 10, 2009

Weaving Families - Forever Families Friday

This week's Forever Families Friday topic:

"My favorite adoption resources (i.e., parenting books, children's books, web sites, videos) are...."

Favorite Books:
There is No Me Without You
The Connected Child
There is another book that I remember really liking, but I let someone borrow it and I haven't gotten it back yet....if I think of the name of it I'll add it later.

Favorite Carrier:

Favorite Website:
Guatadopt (the site I visited almost as often as our agency's message board)

Rebecca Caswell (I told you I was going to do this! What? You thought I was joking! Ha!!)
-Rebecca started giving me adoption info before we were even considered "in process". Actually, I think she started sharing information the day I posted on our little message board that we were going to adopt. And she still sends stuff (as we prepare to start our second adoption), which I SO appreciate! Every thing I posted above, I probably heard about from her. Check out her blog for HER favorite resources.

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