Thursday, April 2, 2009

Little Ladybug Designs

Kim, at Little Ladybug Designs, has been an incredible supporter of Across All Borders since the very first day. She donated a lot of her time to create our business cards, letterhead and other business things we needed at absolutely NO COST to us! How she put up with me, someone that isn't interested in having an actual logo just yet, is beyond me. Her generosity and support mean a great deal to us and we will always be thankful for her help in creating all of our first business products.

Kim creates adorable invitations, announcements, holiday cards, business stationary and more. Check out Little Ladybug Designs to see examples of her designs and remember her whenever you need to order invitations, cards, etc.

Kim - THANK YOU for everything! You are incredibly talented and we appreciate you using that talent to help us.


Bobbi said...

Love the cards!! They look great

Vanessa said...

The business cards look GREAT!! How is the supply collection coming along?

Rebecca said...

I do love all of your designs and stationary! So cute and happy.
Can you send me a few business cards to hand out for AAB when I meet other Guatemamas which happens quite frequently here?

mjenningsdesigns said...

Love them!