Friday, March 27, 2009

Weaving Families - Forever Families Friday: Adoption Celebration

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"My family celebrates significant days in the adoption journey by..........."

Before I forget to mention it, I'm having problems with the Forever Families Friday button tonight. Please be sure to visit the Weaving Families website and if you are an adoptive parent, consider joining us in blogging on Fridays. do we celebrate significant days in the adoption journey? We've just started celebrating 2nds (our 2 year referral-versary, our 2 year "meeting you anniversary", etc.). I remember EVERY DATE that had any significance throughout Tommy's adoption, so I am constantly thinking, "2 years ago we were.....". It is impossible for us to celebrate every date that I remember, but we make a big deal about the most significant dates.

Of course, our biggest day is Family Day....the day Tommy and I came home from Guatemala. Tommy and I celebrate on our own in August...the day that I never had to give him back, but celebrate our official Family Day in October because Danny was not able to join us in Antigua. For now, I make a special dinner of authentic Guatemalan foods and classic American foods. We've had one Family Day so far and wouldn't you know I burned the black beans? We also have a cake and Tommy gets a gift from the U.S. and a gift from Guatemala. Last year, we spent the next day visiting the zoo and aquarium. As he gets older, he will be able to choose what he wants to eat for his special day and choose a family activity (outing). We're still working out the whole Family Day thing. I'm sure we'll eventually look through his lifebook (if I ever get that done) or things that were his that I brought with us from Guatemala. We will celebrate each of our children's Family Days individually.

On our referral-versary this year, Danny and I talked about what that day and night were like and then we watched the montage that I made last year of pictures we took during our visit trips. Tommy LOVED watching this and we've had to watch it several times since.

We love celebrating special days with Tommy, but in our family, every day is a celebration with this goofy, super sweet little boy. We are beyond blessed!

Family Day 2008 - Enjoying his "U.S. present"


Bobbi said...

I am with you on the whole on this day thing. There really are so many. As we prepare to celebrate our 2nd Forever Family Day tomorrow I am still deciding what it is we will do!!

Steph said...

How special! Our first family day is coming up so this is especially meaningful to read!

BTW-cookbook arrived today and it is GREAT!

Rebecca said...

Terry- thanks so much for posting with us. I think it is just the two of us participating but we will keep it going for a while to see what happens. I can't tell you how much it means that you do this with everything else you have going on with AAB and life in general.
Thanks so much!
You bless me!