Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It Wasn't Me!

So many people have emailed to tell me how much they love
our website and the new blog look. Before anyone goes on thinking that I developed the talent of website design over night, I’ll put a stop to it now (just in case you didn’t scroll to the bottom of the site to see who really designed it).

Tera Chavez, from the blog A Little Bit of TLC, is responsible for designing the Across All Borders site, redesigning our blog and creating the buttons that can be placed on your blog to link to our site (while I’m thinking about it…get through reading this and then grab a button and put it on your blog for us….we need to spread the word and could really use your help). I “met” Tera back in 2007 while we were both adopting through the same agency. Her precious daughter, Emma, came home from Guatemala in June 2007.

Tera has been an angel to us as we were getting ready to launch! For anyone to work with me on anything computer related requires tons of patience because honestly, I’m like a baby learning how to walk when it comes to these things. Saying I know nothing about site design is an understatement. I’m surprised I even know how to turn the computer on.

I‘ve thanked her a hundred times for the long hours, hard work and support that she‘s been giving us since mid-December, but it will never be enough. The only thing else that I can do is thank her here publicly and help spread the word about
her creative blog.

So, my peep, thank you again! ;)

Now, for any of you that are thinking about changing the look of your blog, head over to Tera’s blog to find out more about what she offers. She is super easy to work with, very understanding and obviously the most patient person on earth. In addition to redesigning blogs, she offers a couple of other things as well, like adorable Christmas cards and beautiful adoption portfolios. And I think she may have just started offering blog-site designs (the AAB site is a blog site) to as one of her “products”! INCREDIBLE!!

So what are you still doing here? Grab a button from our side bar, put it on your blog, order a cookbook if you haven’t done so yet and head over to Tera’s blog to schedule your redesign. Hurry up…time’s a wastin’! :)

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Tera said...

*ducking* Oh goodness...I am totally blushing. Thank you! :) And, you are selling yourself short! You are totally workin' it out, girl! I hope that AAB will do GREAT things!!! God bless!