Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good-bye 2008; Hola 2009!

2008 was a year of changes for me. Half of the year was spent with me dragging my feet on something I wanted to do. The second quarter was spent trying to figure out a way to do it without taking too many risks. I finally came to my senses during the last quarter of the year and decided to take a huge leap of faith. After all, you often have to take a risk to reach the reward.

2009 will also be a year of changes...lives will be changed, hearts will be touched. I'm already seeing some of what is yet to come through the enthusiasm and excitement that is being shown by people all around us.

2008, while happy in so many ways, did not include much of what I hoped it would. But it couldn't end in a better way.

2009's beginning is the start of another dream come true for me and I have no doubt that this will be an amazing year.

To you and your's, may this new year be the best year of your lives. May it hold the answer to your prayers and be full of blessings that overflow.

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